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May the day be full of possibilities for you too!

Feeling lucky and grateful. So many wonderful things to look forward to….just on a wish list at the moment…but that’s the first step to manifesting what we would like to happen and experience in our life. Life is right now and it is good if we dare to look outside our comfort zone and stop judging ourselves too harshly and others!

The moment we engage our mind to think positively, to be grateful for what we already have, appreciate the support we may take for granted and to love ourselves unconditionally, no matter what life is throwing at us magic happens! We begin to love life again, we see endless possibilities, we dream big, we feel capable and most importantly we can give unconditional love to ourselves and to our nearest and dearest without feeling they owe us!

May the day be full of possibilities for you too!

Introductory Flower Essence Workshop Saturday 3rd February, Great Easton village, Dunmow, Essex

Informative interactive workshop suitable if you have no prior experience of flower essences and their uses but also it is ideal if you have used flower essences previously but would like to gain more knowledge about individual essences in the Australian Bush Flower essence range. The aim of the workshop is help you gain insight and understanding into how Australian Bush flower essences can treat emotional states and imbalances in the body. It is also my intention to talk a little bit about the history and purpose of flower essences in general.

The Australian Bush Flower essence range have a number of combination essences. I will talk individually about each of the essences which make up some of the combination essences,

The workshop price includes lunch, afternoon cake and hot drinks throughout the day. Lunch: Organic Shepherds Pie or Vegetarian Shepherds Pie, fruit desert & afternoon homemade cake!

To book on the workshop please email me using form on the website and I will send you out the booking form with payment details 

Numbers for the workshop Max 8 people

Flower essences can be a useful aid during times of great change, personal transformation and are a great natural tool which can help us gain mental clarity, purposefullness and assist us in ‘letting go’ of unhealthy emotions and thinking patterns.

Programme for the day

9.45 AM Registration Tea/Coffee

10.00 AM Introductions

10.15 AM Flower meditation (flowers supplied by me)

10.30 AM Workshop begins!

11.30 AM TEA Break

11.45 AM Workshop continues


2.00 PM Workshop continues

3.30 PM TEA Break\afternoon cake!

3.45 PM Bringing it all together/Flower Card readings

4.45 PM Decision time! Making up our essence combination

5.00/5.30 PM Close! Any future purchases

Our Health is in our hands

One reason to visit a Homeopath, but there are lots of others too! Some of us are blessed with good health others are not. Sometimes life has a way of undermining our health and sometimes we just don’t take enough care of ourselves and we get run down both physically,mentally and emotionally. That’s where a homeopathic consultation with a professional homeopath can make the difference and help bring you back to wellness. We discuss all aspects of you to try to help you find out what the triggers, stresses are in your life which are exacerbating your condition. Our aim is work alongside any health care specialist you might be under and even though we may not be able to treat you for your physical symptoms as you may feel you prefer to stay with traditional medication we can support you mentally and emotionally, look at your nutrition and prescribe homeopathic remedies or flower essences which can give an overall boost to your immune system, so that you body is better able to cope.


Depression! A growing concern in today’s society…it is affecting younger people and more people and the stigma around mental health problems sees no sign of abating, so people suffer in silence until the depression becomes life changing. If only we could re categorize depression as a state of being which exists to give our body (mental, emotional and physical elements which make up Us!) time out to work out what is affecting us and see the overwhelm we are experiencing, the energy less state we are feeling, the thought overload or the acute feelings of anxiety which often surface before we sink into depression as the body’s way of shutting us down so we don’t go into overload and stop working permanently. When we are physically ill we stop! We accept our body needs time to heal in order to return to wellness again. The same approach needs to be adopted for mental overload which leads to depression. We need time out! We need to figure out what overloaded us in the first place. We need to be kind to ourselves …we are not a failure, we just need to take each day a step at a time and build slowly from there. The ‘magic’ pills from the Doctor aren’t the answer, yes, they may help you in the short term but they don’t get you any closer to the ‘truth’…what is going on in your  life that has brought you to this place. Do not be afraid of the dark….from the darkness comes truth, new beginnings and new meaning and purpose to our lives. Learn to be still, accept where you are at and take comfort that life moves on and so shall you once your mind has rested and you allow all of your thoughts, good, bad and ridiculous to be heard. Try to rejoice in 5 minutes of happiness, because soon 5 minutes will turn into ten, then an hour, then a day and then you can begin to work out what to do next and seek support to get you up another level. Let people know how you are feeling. It’s okay! It happens to lots and lots of people. We don’t always cope with what life throws at us very well all of the time! Be prepared to make changes to your life, sometimes drastic action is needed sometimes just a tweak here and there but if you are experiencing depression your body is saying Enough! I can’t go on like this…maintaining the status quo will not change anything! Facing our fears is scary but once we look into the abyss, we can see life is still full of possibilities if only we can let go of our script in our head which is telling us otherwise. For all of you out there who are going through tough times or know of someone who is struggling at the moment….just remember time is infinite and this moment is just a moment. It will pass! Even if you can find only one thing that gives you hope focus on that!

Who would benefit from coming to see me?

Who would benefit from coming to see me?

Anyone who is feeling out of sorts and doesn’t know why…not really ill enough to go to the Doctors, but feeling something isn’t quite right

Are you trying  to come to terms with a trauma, loss, ill health.  Sometimes talking things through with a professional who has experience of this can really help you cope with the situation you are faced with and help you move forwards.  All the time our thoughts, feelings are in the past, we have less energy for the ‘now’ and ‘our future’ and this will end up compromising us on all levels.

Maybe you have some physical symptons that you need to talk through with someone first before going to the Doctor.  Sometimes we can find natural ways to treat our symptons without the use of invasive medicines that have harmful side effects.  Homeopathy, natural herbs, nutrition, alternative therapies can all help alleviate symptons.  If we think of our body connected to mental state, our spirit, our emotions, we can see more clearly how if one of these areas is not functioning properly it can impact on the other areas.  I help you to look at the whole of you, so that you can understand more easily what puts you out of sync.

Perhaps you have a real opportunity coming up in your life, but you might be scared, anxious, overwhelmed and unless we can get these feelings under control they can sometimes sabotage the good/opportunities that presents itself in our lives.  Flower essences work especially well and I can help you find what essences would be good for you to take, to bring clarity to your thoughts and settle your emotions.  They can help too when we become nervous about situations, like fear of flying, exams etc..

I recommend all clients book a minimum of three sessions with me and on average it would take about 6 sessions to get to the core of what is going on and for us both to see some results.  I recommend Simply Health, great affordable Health care with no strings attached as a way to fund some of these sessions.  For just a small fee a month, Simply Health will cover you for homeopathic consultations, optical, dentistry, chiropody and even money toward connsulation fees. Monetary Limits apply but I can go through the benefits with you or you can  look up the benefits on their website.  I have been with them for years and thoroughly recommend them.

To find out more and see if I can help you please ring me on 01371 870303 or send an email to and we can go from there.

Restore Within!

Restore Within!  Have you ever just felt you need a ‘helping hand’ to get you through one of life’s ups and down?  The ‘ups’ sometimes can be as terrifying as the ‘downs’!  Sometimes we are faced with too much, that it is hard for our brain to process and clarify what is needed to move us forward, take that opportunity or come to terms with heartache, loss, change in direction, ill health or trauma in our lives.

My aim if I work with you is to help/facilitate you to find your own ‘balance’ in life, so that you can cope more easily with life’s up and downs and notice the signs when you are out of balance, when your health is compromised and help you look at ways to take steps to alleviate the stress you are under and cope better.  Often just by looking at things in a different way can change the way we feel and think about a situation and this in turn will energise us and stop unnecessary energy seeping from us.

I use my counselling, homeopathic, business skills and life experiences to help guide me to help you in the best way possible.  Sometimes I may refer you on to another practitioner who I feel can best help you.

Our life is our life and ultimately we are responsible for everything in it.  But sometimes we need help to get us back on track and help us make the most of life’s opportunities, regardless of the hand we have been dealt!

I am a Professional Homeopath and Flower Essence Practitioner, a former Human Resources consultant and have completed a year’s training in Counselling skills. My particular area of interest is ‘Energy’, how we make it, how we lose it and how the body stores it, and how we become deficient in it, leading to all sorts of malaise, from mental health issues, insomnia, chronic fatigue to eventual immune system breakdown and dis-at-ease!


To book an appointment now or find out more

Natural Health Counselling Practitioner, Professional Qualified Homeopath and Flower Essence Practitioner using counselling and business skills to get to the ‘core’ of you.


Sometimes we need a ‘helping hand’ when life gets tough or we feel out of sorts or just want to talk things through before we make a decision


My particular interest is ENERGY!  Why is my body lacking in energy?  Why is all my energy focussing on feelings of anxiety? Where has my energy gone?  What is zapping it? How can I refocus my energy away from how I am feeling? How can I use my energy to help ‘heal me’?


Tel: 01371 870303


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Being in the ‘now’! Not the past, not the future but right now!

Whenever you feel yourself reflecting too long on a past event, whether its the feeling it still provokes in you, especially if it is a negative one or finding yourself ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward, because a life experience has overwhelmed you…take a moment!  There is no easy solution, but if you can become aware that looking back, either in sadness, longing, regret or anger will take some, maybe alot of your vital energy needed for today! right now! and that if you spend too long feeding the past with the energy of today you may not have enough for the future!  When we can look back at our past without negativity we know we have completed the cycle and the energy will no longer seep from us.

Sometimes we need a ‘helping hand’ to complete this cycle.  This is where I can help!