Being in the ‘now’! Not the past, not the future but right now!

Whenever you feel yourself reflecting too long on a past event, whether its the feeling it still provokes in you, especially if it is a negative one or finding yourself ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward, because a life experience has overwhelmed you…take a moment!  There is no easy solution, but if you can become aware that looking back, either in sadness, longing, regret or anger will take some, maybe alot of your vital energy needed for today! right now! and that if you spend too long feeding the past with the energy of today you may not have enough for the future!  When we can look back at our past without negativity we know we have completed the cycle and the energy will no longer seep from us.

Sometimes we need a ‘helping hand’ to complete this cycle.  This is where I can help!