Depression! A growing concern in today’s society…it is affecting younger people and more people and the stigma around mental health problems sees no sign of abating, so people suffer in silence until the depression becomes life changing. If only we could re categorize depression as a state of being which exists to give our body (mental, emotional and physical elements which make up Us!) time out to work out what is affecting us and see the overwhelm we are experiencing, the energy less state we are feeling, the thought overload or the acute feelings of anxiety which often surface before we sink into depression as the body’s way of shutting us down so we don’t go into overload and stop working permanently. When we are physically ill we stop! We accept our body needs time to heal in order to return to wellness again. The same approach needs to be adopted for mental overload which leads to depression. We need time out! We need to figure out what overloaded us in the first place. We need to be kind to ourselves …we are not a failure, we just need to take each day a step at a time and build slowly from there. The ‘magic’ pills from the Doctor aren’t the answer, yes, they may help you in the short term but they don’t get you any closer to the ‘truth’…what is going on in your  life that has brought you to this place. Do not be afraid of the dark….from the darkness comes truth, new beginnings and new meaning and purpose to our lives. Learn to be still, accept where you are at and take comfort that life moves on and so shall you once your mind has rested and you allow all of your thoughts, good, bad and ridiculous to be heard. Try to rejoice in 5 minutes of happiness, because soon 5 minutes will turn into ten, then an hour, then a day and then you can begin to work out what to do next and seek support to get you up another level. Let people know how you are feeling. It’s okay! It happens to lots and lots of people. We don’t always cope with what life throws at us very well all of the time! Be prepared to make changes to your life, sometimes drastic action is needed sometimes just a tweak here and there but if you are experiencing depression your body is saying Enough! I can’t go on like this…maintaining the status quo will not change anything! Facing our fears is scary but once we look into the abyss, we can see life is still full of possibilities if only we can let go of our script in our head which is telling us otherwise. For all of you out there who are going through tough times or know of someone who is struggling at the moment….just remember time is infinite and this moment is just a moment. It will pass! Even if you can find only one thing that gives you hope focus on that!