Coaching clients in Health and Wellness

I use coaching and counselling skills, together with my professional homeopathic skills to help my Clients attain a greater insight into themselves, a belief that things can change for the better and provide a ‘safe place’ for them to explore their options for change.

We do not need to be afraid of our emotions but to be in tune with them so we understand what they are telling us so we can adapt our life accordingly. Emotions are our signposts to what is and is not working in our life, as well as physical complaints.  Our mental state determines how well we cope with life.  All of these three elements, Physical, mental and emotional aspects of ourselves need to be in balance in order for us to function in a healthy way.

Understanding our emotions better or even acknowledging them for the first time helps us to make better choices.  If we surpress them or ignore them altogether they inevitably get stored in the body somewhere and eventually turn into ‘dis at ease’,  a disease state.

Unfortunately too much ‘stress’ accidents, illnesses, life circumstances affect our physical, mental and emotional health .  It’s hard to think positively when we are in constant pain, have bout after bout of illness, in constant pain or just cant ‘move on’ with our life  and consequently more things in our life take on a negativity.

The longer you have been feeling unwell, stressed, depressed, sad, unmotivated the more time it will take to turn things around, but sometimes that is the essential part of your healing journey…little steps become much bigger and permanent steps than giant leaps forward.  I work with clients using ‘energy’ medicine such as homeopathic medicines and flower essences, engage with clients re nutritional advice, lifestyle changes and coaching and healing techniques, dependent on the client and what they have come to me for help.

I’m a facilitator of change and my aim is to get you engaged with your own health and wellness so that you feel full of vitality once more