Homeopathic consultation & how I work with Clients

Homeopathic consultation

I use life coaching and counselling skills, together with my professional homeopathic skills to help my Clients attain a greater insight into themselves, a belief that things can change for the better and provide a ‘safe place’ for them to explore their options for change.  We know when we are not living our life in the way we had hoped but seem powerless to make changes or think differently. If you go to a Doctor he/she can prescribe medication to surpress your symptons, emotional and physical. If you go to a Counsellor you can talk things through and often reach a turning point and make changes for the better.

However, sometimes that is not enough. A homeopathic consultation with me combines a Counselling framework with the ‘eyes’ of a homeopath and the ‘add on’ of prescribed homeopathic medicines/flower essences.   I help you to look at all of you, not just your emotional or mental state but the physical aspects of yourself which may also be compromised too when ‘we’ are out of balance within ourselves/suffering from ill health or injury.   I will look at prescribing homeopathic medicines and flower essences that will help to unblock the energy which is stagnating somewhere within you, so that the energy can be used in a more productive way.

Homeopathic medicines aid cure on so many levels. They help to peel off emotional layers we have accumulated over the years, which we have used to protect ourselves from hurt, but which in turn have turned us to stone!

We do not need to be afraid of our emotions but to be in tune with them so we understand what they are telling us so we can adapt our life accordingly. Emotions are our signposts to what is and is not working in our life.

Understanding our emotions better or even acknowledging them for the first time helps us to make better choices.  If we surpress them or ignore them altogether they inevitably get stored in the body somewhere wreaking havoc the longer they are not acknowledged or dealt with.    We want to get to a place where we respond to negativity rather than react with sometimes disasterous consequences.

When you live with a physical or mental or emotional state that wears you down. It’s hard to think positively about anything and more and more things in our life take on a negativity. Sometimes we can’t change our physical impairment but we can try to come to terms with it so it doesn’t take up so much head space.

’Dis at ease’ like IBS, Exzema, Asthma, Hayfever, Menopausal symptons, Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress, Depression,  the list goes on can also be treated successfully with Homeopathy.

Homeopathy can be administered for everyday ailments too, such as ear ache, colds, coughs, babies teething symptons, sore throats and over a period of time can alleviate symptons for Hayfever and Asthma and Eczema.

I will ask about  any physical, mental, emotional symptoms you may be worried about or experiencing , your day to day habits, eg sleeping patterns, diet, overall health and history, so that I can build up a picture of you and assess where we can start working from.

Sometimes if we have had a condition a long time we need to boost our overall health before we can tackle the underlying cause of the chronic condition. Homeopathic remedies, flower essences and herbal remedies help aid the body to optimise its healing capacity on all levels. It can take a few therapeutic sessions to first identify what’s really going on for you, eg causing continued anxiety within you, the IBS to flare up as it does, or what in your life is perpetuating the general malaise and fatigue you are experiencing.

The longer you have been feeling unwell, stressed, depressed, sad, unmotivated the more time it will take to turn things around, but sometimes that is the essential part of your healing journey…little steps become much bigger and permanent steps than giant leaps forward. The Homeopathic consultation process can help you to understand yourself better!