About me – Janice Washer M.L.C.Hom MARH


I’m  a fully qualified professional Homeopath and registered with a Professional Body, the ARH (Alliance of Registered Homeopaths) and subscribe to their code of ethics. See their website for full details.

I studied Homeopathy at the Lakeland College of Homeopathy for 3 years.  Part of our study involved Clinical training.  This was a very comprehensive course which also gave students an insight and general knowledge in nutrition, anatomy and physiology of the body, ‘dis-at-ease’ states and their origins, energy medicine in its broadest sense,  and a unique way of working with clients. All aspects of ourselves need to be taken into account when we are trying to heal ourselves.  We cannot have a physical complaint without this having an effect on our emotional or mental state too.  If our emotions are too out of sync this will eventually affect our physical body and mental health.  I see the client relationship as important as the knowledge I gained about homeopathic medicine and its uses and applications.     My time at this college was truly inspirational.  I then went on to complete a further year’s post graduate training at the Orion Homeopathic Training College in Bristol and completed their Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy.

I completed my homeopathic training in 2007 and haven’t looked back since. I’m also a qualified Flower Essence Practitioner.  Flower essences have a wonderful healing vibration and are especially good for treating mental and emotional upsets. I love using Flower Essences in my consultation practice too.   Flower essences have a gentle energy that help us to gain clarity in our emotional thinking and release emotional blocks.  I have completed my Level 1 and Level 2 Australian Bush Flower Practitioner Courses, as well as specific course on several other Flower Essence courses on Emotional Healing.

I have also  completed and passed the first year of a Degree course in Counselling Skills Course specialising in treating children and adolescents.

I have previously undertaken voluntary work with Homestart, an organisation that provides emotional and practical support to families with young children. I

Previous to retraining to become a Homeopath and Counsellor I obtained a degree in Human Resource Management and enjoyed the training and development aspect of this profession.

I also run Dance events and my other passions are dance and gardening!

My life experiences have been hard to come to terms with at times, as with all of us, and I have experienced what the distress of divorce, post natal depression, ll health and a period of disability feels like, but they have been great opportunities for personal growth and healing on many levels.  I bring to the consultation process an understanding of  difficult times and a positive approach to help you create a desire for change.  Anything is possible if you believe it!

It is our responsibility to manage the stress in our lives, our health, our exercise regime,  our relaxation time and our dietary needs….sometimes we just need to be shown how!

So find your passion and life will find you!