Restore Within!

Restore Within!  Have you ever just felt you need a ‘helping hand’ to get you through one of life’s ups and down?  The ‘ups’ sometimes can be as terrifying as the ‘downs’!  Sometimes we are faced with too much, that it is hard for our brain to process and clarify what is needed to move us forward, take that opportunity or come to terms with heartache, loss, change in direction, ill health or trauma in our lives.

My aim if I work with you is to help/facilitate you to find your own ‘balance’ in life, so that you can cope more easily with life’s up and downs and notice the signs when you are out of balance, when your health is compromised and help you look at ways to take steps to alleviate the stress you are under and cope better.  Often just by looking at things in a different way can change the way we feel and think about a situation and this in turn will energise us and stop unnecessary energy seeping from us.

I use my counselling, homeopathic, business skills and life experiences to help guide me to help you in the best way possible.  Sometimes I may refer you on to another practitioner who I feel can best help you.

Our life is our life and ultimately we are responsible for everything in it.  But sometimes we need help to get us back on track and help us make the most of life’s opportunities, regardless of the hand we have been dealt!

I am a Professional Homeopath and Flower Essence Practitioner, a former Human Resources consultant and have completed a year’s training in Counselling skills. My particular area of interest is ‘Energy’, how we make it, how we lose it and how the body stores it, and how we become deficient in it, leading to all sorts of malaise, from mental health issues, insomnia, chronic fatigue to eventual immune system breakdown and dis-at-ease!