Who would benefit from coming to see me?

Who would benefit from coming to see me?

Anyone who is feeling out of sorts and doesn’t know why…not really ill enough to go to the Doctors, but feeling something isn’t quite right

Are you trying  to come to terms with a trauma, loss, ill health.  Sometimes talking things through with a professional who has experience of this can really help you cope with the situation you are faced with and help you move forwards.  All the time our thoughts, feelings are in the past, we have less energy for the ‘now’ and ‘our future’ and this will end up compromising us on all levels.

Maybe you have some physical symptons that you need to talk through with someone first before going to the Doctor.  Sometimes we can find natural ways to treat our symptons without the use of invasive medicines that have harmful side effects.  Homeopathy, natural herbs, nutrition, alternative therapies can all help alleviate symptons.  If we think of our body connected to mental state, our spirit, our emotions, we can see more clearly how if one of these areas is not functioning properly it can impact on the other areas.  I help you to look at the whole of you, so that you can understand more easily what puts you out of sync.

Perhaps you have a real opportunity coming up in your life, but you might be scared, anxious, overwhelmed and unless we can get these feelings under control they can sometimes sabotage the good/opportunities that presents itself in our lives.  Flower essences work especially well and I can help you find what essences would be good for you to take, to bring clarity to your thoughts and settle your emotions.  They can help too when we become nervous about situations, like fear of flying, exams etc..

I recommend all clients book a minimum of three sessions with me and on average it would take about 6 sessions to get to the core of what is going on and for us both to see some results.  I recommend Simply Health, great affordable Health care with no strings attached as a way to fund some of these sessions.  For just a small fee a month, Simply Health will cover you for homeopathic consultations, optical, dentistry, chiropody and even money toward connsulation fees. Monetary Limits apply but I can go through the benefits with you or you can  look up the benefits on their website.  I have been with them for years and thoroughly recommend them.

To find out more and see if I can help you please ring me on 01371 870303 or send an email to Janice.washer@restorewithin.co.uk and we can go from there.